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Seeking Donors for the 2024-25 School Year

Bronze Level - Up to $250

Silver Level - $250 and Up! 

Gold Level - $500 and Up! 

Platinum Level - $1000 And Up! 

Diamond Level $3000 And Up! 

Thank you to our Previous Donors!

Bronze Level Sponsors:

Bud Bales

Chip and Melissa Ballenger

David Bell

Nancy DeCosta

Douglas and Carla Harris

Tommy Hensley

Tim Irwin

Michael Kinnane

James Lambert

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Majors

Lindsay Minton

Jeff and Cindy Mize

Ronald and Conda Mize

Tracy Pohlsen

Steve and Diane Redd

Charles and Maureen Sanger

Deborah Sayers

Nan Scott

Courtney Shea

Shara Shoup

Tim and Valerie Sigmon

Dr. Bill Snyder

Jim and Kathleen Thompson

Joe and Claudia Walsh

Judy Pratt Weber

Russ Wise

Rochelle Worman

Silver Level Sponsors:

John and Laura Biddle

Brett and Paula Calhoun

Bill Dunn

Aaron and Janna Gadd

Julia and Marty Gibbs

Stephen Land

Jenny Peek

Chris and Meredith Prince

Jackie Raley

Houston and Carletta Smelcer

R. Larry Smith

Anthony and Kim Tuk

John Whitehead

Gold Level Sponsors:

Wes and Brittany Brewer

James and Jennafer Leach

Tom and Charlotte Schumpert

Catherine Haynes

Jim and Christi Hinton

Lee and Susan Iglehart

Platinum Level Sponsors:

Andy and Kathy Bolton

James and Mary Bush

Chris and Betsy Castleberry

John and Kelly Gregory

Davis and Carole Haynes

Mark and Amy Hayes

Judy Mebane

Owen and Nancy Nevader

Wesley and Angelique Thomas

Charles Wagner

David and Jessica Wilds 

Diamond Level Sponsors

Eddie Mannis 

Tim  & Diana McDonald   

John & Kim Meade   

George & Tracie Sanger   

Herb & Rita Sanger